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Journey To My Love Cover

The book was finished . The story was good. Cute. Funny. And inviting. I wanted everyone who saw the book to read the story just by looking at the cover. "What did I do?" you ask. Nothing extreme. Just put a picture of everything I deemed important in the story on the cover. The billionaire, his expensive possessions, his woman. You get the picture. I mean, this was my second book. I wanted it to be perfect so I wanted to do everything myself. Well, perfect doesn't exist does it? So really, I did everything myself because I didn't know how to explain to anyone what I really wanted. That was difficult because, yep, you guessed it, I didn't really know what I wanted myself. But I was still very excited because... the book was finished. And... the story was good. So anyhow, each time I finished my perfect cover, it turned out to be not so perfect after all. Yes, there were things I loved about them. But for every one thing I loved about them, there were two or three, (four, five) things I didn't particularly care for. However, the real problem was that the covers didn't fit a particular genre and I was trying to fit it into everything. Well, needless to say, that's not how this works. So what is my genre? Let's look at the book's attributes. Is it romantic? Absolutely. Is it Erotica? No way! Is it mystery? No. But there is a teaspoon of mystery in it. This can go on forever, so let me just say; Barlow Definition of Flawless is Christian Literary Fiction. It is sub-categorized under Family Saga. The book is the first of a trilogy that tells the story of one man's spiritual journey back to God after losing his wife at a very young age. Losing his wife and his faith put him in a dark place where God couldn't reach him. But God wouldn't give up on him. (Sound familiar?) Twenty-six years later, He sent Chasidy, a simple Christian country girl to guide him back to a place within His reach in this 'second chance at love' story. 'Yes, I believe God still put relationships together. Adam and Eve were not His ONE HIT WONDER.' Book Viral Reviews says it is "An Immersive and Exciting Read". And that it is. This heartwarming and humorous story will tickle your romantic senses. And now six covers later (or seven, I lost count), it has a cover that will tingle your senses as well. So, why not get away from the mundane. Escape! Relax! Read Rob's and Chasidy's story: Barlow Definition of Flawless. Book 1 of The Barlow Trilogy.

Thank you for spending time with me! See you next month!

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