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                  My Work

Family Saga, Fiction Literature, Christian Romance. My work portrays my belief that God still put deserving couples together Happily Ever After. 

The Barlow Trilogy

Paperback $16.99

When Barlow lost his wife at age twenty-four, he lost his joy, his hope, and his faith in God. "I don't know much about God." He said. He was far from Flawless. It took a miracle to restore him. It came in the form of a beautifully simple country girl named Chasidy. 

"Life is good in The Grove." Barlow said to himself. "Wife, Friends, God. Traveling the world with Chasidy by my side. And then there's The Grove, tucked away in its own realm of serenity. What could be better than this?" When God answers his question, his life is Redefined.

Alan Ferguson met Rob Barlow at the age of twelve. They formed an unbreakable bond during his homeless days as a 'Trestle Rat'. Little did they know that God brought them together for a purpose. A purpose they won't realize until forty years later. Family Is Everything To Al.

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